1. Playing Your Game 0:32
  2. Lush Life 0:35
  3. Feel Like Makin_ Love 0:32
  4. Here I Stand 0:30
  5. Pure Imagination 0:34
  6. Come Away With Me 0:38
  7. Autumn Leaves 0:31
  8. In The Wee Small Hours 0:34

The Story

The album was recorded in New York with a trio led by world renowned Jazz pianist Benito Gonzalez and his side musicians who provided stellar instrumental support to Hollaway’s soulful, buttery, bass voice. This release takes the listener on a journey with imaginative acoustic jazz arrangements of classic songs. Hollaway is truly an artist with a distinctive signature sound of his own. Great listening from start to finish.


Hollaway, vocals
Benito Gonzalez, piano/keys
Will Slater, bass
Josh Green, drums
Peter Mongaya, guitar
Glenn Douglas, keyboards
Cedric Givens, percussion, keys

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Release Date : June 28, 2024
Artist : Eric Hollaway
Genre : Jazz
Format : CD

Eric Hollaway, known online as “thatbassvoice,” is a renowned bass vocalist celebrated for his rich, resonant bass tone. “Hollaway” has leveraged social media to share his talent with a global audience. His online presence is significant having fans all over the world tuning in to listen to his covers. He has carved a unique niche with his vocal artistry. In addition to being a singer he is an established voice over artist and podcaster. He has performed collaborations with various artists and musicians showcasing his versatility with various musical styles. His collaborations have gone viral spanning multiple genres and have been featured in numerous media outlets, including TV, film, video and gaming franchises.